​​​Do ​visit an eye care professional for glasses adjustments, missing screw checks, and nose pad replacements.

Don't use paper towels, tissue, napkins or clothing to dry your lenses. All of these materials can easily scratch your lenses.

Do have your glasses cleaned and professionally adjusted 

Don't use traditional spray glass cleaners (eg. Windex) and/or paper towels

Do rinse your glasses with water before wiping or cleaning, and allow your glasses to air dry.  

Don't remove you glasses only on one side, remove your glasses with both hands to avoid bending and/or damaging the legs. 

Do store your glasses when not wearing them.

Contact Lenses


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Do's and Don'ts

Don't use contact lenses without a prescription from an eye care professional. 

Do carefully follow the instructions from your eye care provider and the ones that come with your contacts to avoid eye infections or eye damage. 

Don't remove a contact lenses and put it back in your eye without cleaning and disinfecting it.

Do always use the proper solution to rub and rinse your contacts before putting them in your eyes. 

Don't reuse old solution!

Do take your contacts out if they become uncomfortable. Redness, pain, blurred vision or tearing could be warnings of an infection or an allegory to the contacts. Or, these symptoms may mean that you need to  have your prescription changed. 

Don't clean your contacts with water or moisten them with your saliva. 

Do wash you hands with soap and water before touching your contacts. 

Don't share your contact with anyone! Using contacts that are not fitted for your eyes can damage your eyes. 

Do change your solutions every week and replace the case every three months. Clean lens case with contact solutions only and let dry before refilling with fresh solution. 

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